A short story by paul-c

One day Maggie decided it was time she had a new kitchen. She saw just the right one in John Lewis but it would cost two thousand pounds, so Maggie set about working out how she could get hold of two grand without breaking into her savings. It didn't take Maggie long to come up with a cunning plan....

Maggie's husband, Paul - a fairly well-known artist, has always got several unsold paintings lying aound in his studio. He's not going to notice if one goes walkies, thought Maggie, so she picked one and took it to an art dealer in town intending to sell it and raise the cash for her kitchen.

The dealer examined the painting and immediately offered Maggie two hundred pounds for it. 'But I was hoping for two thousand', said Maggie.

'I'm sorry' said the dealer 'two hundred is all I can give you for your husband's painting.

'But you have a similar painting in your window for two thousand' complained Maggie.
'Yes but that painting was only two hundred pounds until last week when the artist sadly died causing the value of his paintings to increase ten-fold'

Maggie thought about this for a moment then told him she would hang on to her painting as there was no way she would get her new kitchen with what the dealer was offering her. She thanked the dealer saying 'I will come back tomorrow after my husband has eaten the mushrooms I'm cooking for him tonight'.

The End