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       Art is whatever you can get away with - Andy Warhol 

Original Modern Art Paintings and prints by Paul Chambers, Nottingham.


Paul Chambers

painter of pictures
reader of books
drinker of beer
bit of a cave-man

Home is where the art is.
When early man looked at what
he had after a hard days

hunting and gathering.- He saw he had food,

possibly a mate (or two), bits of sharpened stone and

bones, furry fashion.
But there was still something missing

and life seemed incomplete.

So after careful deliberation it was decided that

the cave walls needed some art.


The rest is prehistory.

Most of my paintings are in acrylic paint.

My preferred style is abstract and impressionist.

Need art

for your cave walls?


You can buy my

original paintings


Margaret and Paul Chambers

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Art4now, Original Paintings by Nottingham artist, Paul Chambers.